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DSA, Sunrise, and Hamden Action Now Endorse Justin Farmer

Press Release | Valley Independent Sentinel | July 21, 2020

On Friday, July 17, DSA National announced its endorsement of Justin Farmer’s campaign for Connecticut’s 17th State Senate District, which covers the communities of Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethany, Derby, Hamden, Naugatuck, and Woodbridge.

This is Justin’s second national endorsement, after he received an endorsement last month from Run For Something, an organization that supports young candidates in local races.

This past week, Justin has also received endorsements from Hamden Action Now, a progressive community group in Hamden, and Sunrise Connecticut, a youth-led organization for climate advocacy.

Justin has also been endorsed by one local Sunrise chapter and three local DSA chapters: Central Connecticut DSA, SCSU YDSA, and Yale YDSA.

“At just 23, Justin [won his race] for Hamden City Council & fought as a Central CT DSA member for systemic change in their community,” the DSA endorsement stated. “Justin is now running for State Senate to keep up the fight. That means taxing big tech & pharma, as well as winning a homes guarantee, employee-owned businesses, a green new deal, & mass liberation instead of mass incarceration.”

DSA has a membership of over 70,000 nationwide. National endorsements are voted on by the organization’s National Electoral Committee, a democratically elected body of DSA members supporting electoral work around the country.

Justin is a 25-year-old second-term Hamden Legislative Councilman, representing the town’s 5th District. He has Tourette’s Syndrome, and wears noise-canceling headphones to manage sensory-input issues.

If elected, he will be the first ever elected official with Tourette’s Syndrome at the state level. Justin is running a progressive, grassroots campaign for State Senate in the August 11 primary election.

He is committed to advocating for underrepresented communities, welcoming more young people into politics, and fighting for progressive change in Connecticut.


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