Moving Connecticut Forward

Learn more about my platform below. Feel free to reach out if you still have questions! 


A Statewide Property Tax

Our local property tax system exacerbates economic and racial disparities. It’s the reason Greenwich has a property tax rate of 11 mills, while Hamden’s latest budget set the rate at almost 50 mills. A single, statewide property tax would equalize tax rates, easing the burden on Hamden residents and making public education funding equitable across Connecticut.

Strengthening Our Economic Future

We need to make Connecticut an attractive place for people to live, work, and raise a family. It’s time to pass paid family and medical leave, raise the minimum wage, fight for a fair workweek, and make higher education and workforce training opportunities affordable and accessible for all. Rather than throwing money at large corporations that abandon us, we can instead incentivize young entrepreneurs to grow their businesses here. We need long term solutions, not shortsighted fixes that leave us in the same position year after year.

Criminal Justice Reform

Let’s make sure our criminal justice system is actually just. We can do more to protect communities of color by requiring police to undergo de-escalation training and holding officers accountable for excessive use of force. And, we can work to stop the school-to-prison pipeline and start regulating marijuana, empowering people to reach their full potential instead of feeding a broken prison system.  

Fair and Sustainable State Budgets

Our state budgets should no longer be balanced on the backs of Hamden’s low income and middle class families. Irresponsible choices by stonewalling politicians have led to cuts in healthcare and education spending, higher property taxes, and no long term plan to fix our budget. 

Clean, Democratic Elections

Connecticut’s clean election laws are some of the best in the country, and will allow Josh and his opponent to compete on an equal playing field in campaigns dedicated to the issues, not just fundraising. Fair elections are crucial for a democracy that works for all of us. We need to continue to protect and expand our clean elections laws and keep big money out of politics. We deserve representatives who are accountable to our community, not just the special interests.

Raising the Minimum Wage

While Connecticut has one of the nation's strongest minimum wage laws, too many hard-working local families still struggle. Connecticut must raise the minimum wage to $15/hour, linked to the consumer price index, to make future increases fair to both employees and their employers. A higher minimum wage would give families security and customers more purchasing power, lifting up everyone, including both working families and businesses.

Paid Family and Medical Leave

If your child gets sick, or your parent suffers a stroke, you shouldn't have to fear being fired for taking time off to care for your family. Over 75% of Connecticut residents support paid family and medical leave, a program that would be funded out of your paycheck to support your leave from work. It just makes sense: we're all more productive when we have peace of mind. Universal paid family leave would give our workers the sense of security they deserve, and help Connecticut employers compete with New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.