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  • Local Issues
    Continue to secure bonding for the town, following the success of obtaining nearly $9,000,000 for affordable housing on State Street. Work with local elected officials to ensure honest and transparent budgeting - and help elucidate a plan that is 5-10 years out that we follow to ensure eventual stabilization of Hamden’s mill rate.
  • Tax Equity
    Overhaul our unjust tax system to ensure tax equity throughout the state. We live in one of the wealthiest states in the country, yet we don’t provide enough support for our education system, take care of our infrastructure, or keep costs of living under control. I support a progressive tax structure that ensures the wealthy pay their fair share to keep property taxes manageable, ensuring affordability for Connecticut families.
  • Voting Rights
    Expand voting rights to incarcerated people, fight for opt-out permanent no-excuse absentee, and push for ranked choice voting.
  • Student Loans
    As a the Chairman of the Higher Education Committee, I have worked on access and affordability for higher education. I firmly believe in forgiving student loans so young students and anyone seeking to advance their career have the financial freedom and flexibility to pursue their goals.
  • Social Justice
    I am passionate about criminal justice reform and have been a leader on the regulation and legalization of the recreational use of cannabis and ensuring that telephone calls are free for incarcerated people. Next is decriminalizing psilocybin and expunging drug records.
  • Our Economy
    The best thing we can do to grow our middle class is to support unions and workers’ rights. We must invest in rebuilding our infrastructure, climate change solutions, and creating an equitable education system. These investments will provide more opportunities and create good paying jobs.
  • Reproductive Rights
    Everyone deserves the right to make decisions about their families, their future, their health, and their bodies. I am fully committed to protecting and advancing reproductive freedoms including abortion. COVID-19 highlighted the existing health inequalities that Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color face. We must ensure that women of color have equitable access to reproductive care and organizations like Planned Parenthood receive an increase in funding.
  • Education
    The state should play a much larger role in funding because of the inherent regressive nature of property taxes. Magnet schools attract specific types of students and should receive some funding if public, but charter schools are an attack on our public school system and should receive no public funding. The state also needs to play a larger role in providing means for recruitment of teachers of color.

*We are working on policy daily and will be regularly adding to this page

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